Jitendra Chauhan


Jitendra Chauhan's extraordinary journey, being part of a well-respected family known for excellent tailoring to founding JadeBlue, stands as an inspiration. A visionary from the start, he envisions JadeBlue as India's best and aims for global recognition. His plans to expand internationally showcase not just business acumen but a belief in the brand's universal appeal.

Bipin Chauhan

Managing Director

Bipin Chauhan, an eminent figure in made-to-measure and bespoke menswear, stands as a distinguished expert, offering a unique blend of experience and fashion industry acumen. In his role as the Managing Director of JadeBlue, he has guided the team to a strong dedication to excellence, always providing high-quality products to customers. His keen understanding of changing fashion trends shows his commitment to keeping JadeBlue at the top of modern style.

Siddhesh Chauhan

Executive Director

In an ever-changing menswear landscape, at Jadeblue we are always at the crossroads of innovation, collaboration, and precision manufacturing. In the heart of our operations lies a commitment to manufacturing excellence. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with skilled professionals who give their best to ensure precision at every step. From concept to creation, I lead the team that delivers the right product.

Shambhav Chauhan

Executive Director

Shambhav Chauhan, in his role as Executive Director, is dedicated to fostering innovation and ensuring excellence, envisioning a future where JadeBlue not only transforms but also leaves a lasting impact. Grounded in a steadfast commitment and progressive leadership, he aims to reshape the industry through his dedication, aspiring to instigate positive transformations on a global level, and setting a new standard for the brand.